Top 4 Streets in Davis Where The Most Homes Sold In 2013

44910 S El Macero Dr.

44910 S El Macero Dr
Image: Sacramento MetroList

Three hundred and ninety-six detached homes sold in Davis in 2013. Four streets in particular had multiple sales. El Macero Drive (N/S), Cowell Blvd, Cubre Terrace, and Caravaggio Drive are the top four streets where the most homes sold in 2013.

Street Name and Area:

  1. El Macero Drive (South Davis)
  2. Cowell Blvd (South Davis)
  3. Cubre Terrace (East Davis)
  4. Caravaggio Drive (North Davis)

Eleven homes sold on El Macero Drive with an average sale price of $801,000. Tied for second is Cowell Blvd and Cubre Terrace which each had seven sales, with an average sale price of $572,000 and $440,000, respectively. Finally in fourth place, is Caravaggio Drive with six sales, with an average sale price of $581,000.

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