Davis Sold Data March 2013


The Davis Real Estate Data Series examines Metrolist MLS data for the City of Davis residential housing market. In this post I examine the sold activity for the month of March 2013. Table 1 displays the number of sold units, average list price, average sold price, average days on market, average square footage, and average price per square foot, for all sold units in Davis by area. Table 2 shows the month over month percentage change from the previous month for all sold units by area.

Davis – All Areas

Davis had a total of 29 sold units in March 2013, a 4% increase from February. The average list price decreased by 4% from $478,545 in February to $457,350 in March. The average sold price also decreased from February to March by 4% from $470,222 to $451,040. The average number of days on market decreased by 18% from 66 days in February to 54 days in March. The average home size of sold units slightly decreased by 2% from 1,7o7 square feet in February to 1,666 square feet in March. Finally, the average sold price per square foot decreased by 4% from $282 per square foot in February to $270 per square foot in March.

Sold Data Highs and Lows – By Area

South Davis had eight units sell, followed by Central, North and East Davis with six units sold. West Davis had three sold units, the least for all areas. South Davis had the highest average list price of $703,375, while West Davis had the lowest average list price of $295,333. The same is true for average sold price as with average list price. South Davis had the highest average number of days on the market, 118 days, while North Davis had the least number of days on the market, eight days. South Davis had the highest average sold home size of 2,577 square feet, while West Davis had the smallest average sold home size of 1,202 square feet. East Davis had the highest average sold square foot price of $300 per square foot, while West Davis had the lowest average sold square foot price of $249 per square foot.

March Sold Data - Davis

Table-1 March Sold Data – Davis

February to March M-O-M % change

Table 2-February to March M-O-M % change

All data is gathered from the Metrolist MLS on 3/31/2013.  Any variation in reported statistics that is the result of new data added at a later date is of no fault of the author.

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